Our Businesses
Development Focus
Tak Chun Group is a leading entertainment conglomerate with core businesses and headquarters based in Macau. With an optimistic outlook for the future, we aggressively pursue opportunities for business growth and expansion across the region and other parts of the world. To achieve sustainable growth, we forge a decisive operational strategy and build a culture of team work and relentless execution. At Tak Chun Group, we pursue customer service excellence and perfection, evolving in every dimension to create unique and memorable customer experience.
Since the Group's inception, we continuously strive to innovate and raise the bar for the highest standards in the recreation industry in Macau, elevating customer experience to a whole new level.
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Real Estate
Macau's new residential property in 2021, designed by world-renowned architects, equipped with unparalleled amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. World-class hotels, entertainment venues, shopping arcade, infrastructure, international exhibitions and events.
YOHO Twins, the ideal home of your dreams
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